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Elegant wedding venue with a large fountain in the courtyard and a classic building in the background.

Touring wedding venues is such a mix of excitement and nerves, isn't it? It's incredible to see the spaces in person, but it's also easy to get swept up and forget the real questions that matter. Our blog is here to make sure you don't miss those vital conversations during your venue tours. 

We've narrowed down the most crucial topics to discuss, all geared toward helping you find that perfect venue that feels just right for your big day.

  1. Venue Availability and Capacity
  2. Cost and Inclusions
  3. Logistics and Setup
  4. Venue Policies
  5. Staff and Coordination
  6. Amenities for the Couple
  7. Amenities and Accommodations for Guests
  8. First Look & Privacy 
  9. Photography Opportunities
  10. Backup Plans
  11. Accessibility
  12. Vendor Restrictions
  13. Noise Restrictions
  14. Food and Beverage Policies
  15. WiFi and Technology
  16. Cleanup Services

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